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  • Learn with a mix of one-on-one lessons and excercises
  • Watch real time demos on how I design slides
  • Engage and influence your audience

"A powerful idea well delivered takes on a life of its own"


    We come to you! Bring the culture of Lean Presentation Design straight to your company. Invite your team members and leverage the power of on-site training.


    Learn from real-time online webinar sessions. Extend the invitation to unlimited team members in your organization and learn at your own desk.


    You come to our location for live coaching sessions. Come to the house of Presentation Design, pick up the skills and bring them back to your organization.


Working with Maurizio was for me a great learning experience. he is really prepared! His big big curiosity makes him an interesting interlocutor even to talk about several business topics as well as share ideas. I personally think that the secret of his success is passion for what he does. He’s able to transfer messages, even technical concepts, in an easy way. What I like of his approach is that he looks for a solution or several solutions that already work before proposing them to you. What doesn’t works is omitted. This is a rare characteristics by now for consultancy….but, this is what the "business" wants. Pragmatism, concrete, solutions immediately applicable. Thanks again Maurizio, it was a real pleasure working with you. by the way, my speeches and presentations are now really attractive and effective. I've already got several positive feedbacks from my stakeholders and my job is increased accordingly 🙂 … but positively.

D. Avallone
D. Avallone Ferrero International

I met Maurizio at his course of Presentation Design in Milan, where he managed to convey the real pleasure of making presentations. He has the skill to transmit with passion and simplicity very complex concepts. Maurizio is an engineer who uses creativity not for pleasure but as a rational means to achieve a goal.

D. Boiocchi
D. Boiocchi Yupeka Graphic Design

Maurizio is a gifted instructor. Because he has many years experience as a teacher, he knows a variety of creative teaching methods to ensure you learn what you need to. His calming personality makes you feel completely comfortable, even when you're making mistakes. He is always encouraging and positive. If you want to improve your comunication skills or your slide presentation, hire Maurizio!

F. Borroni
F. Borroni Photographer Freelance