Double your speed with oustanding screenshots

When working with images, you will often be required to use only parts of the images into your slides. There is a free screenshot tool used that I really find quick and effective, called  Monosnap.

free screenshot tool

Monosnap is a quite advanced free screenshot tool which has many interesting functionalities, some of which are extremely useful to us in our quest to be more effective.
The first thing about this program I really like is that you can activate the screen capture with a shortcut. There are 8 different shortcuts you can set:

  1. Cropped screenshot
  2. Cropped shot and upload
  3. Capture frozen area
  4. Fullscreen shot
  5. Fullscreen shot after 10 sec
  6. Show editor
  7. Show/hide dropzone
  8. Take screenshot of a game

free screenshot tool


The most useful to us are

Cropped shot and upload

This function is very useful to quickly exchange screenshots with team members through chat. It uploads the screenshot online and gives you a ready-to-paste link to the image.

  1. Activate the shortcut from your keyboard and take a screenshot tool
  2. The screenshot is automatically uploaded online and the link is copied to your clipboard, so you can paste the link wherever you want using CRTL + V.

free screenshot tool

Capture frozen area

This function enables you to get the screenshot and have it ready to be pasted directly on your slide as an image.

  1. Take the screenshotfree screenshot tool
  2. Edit in the editor, if you likefree screenshot tool
  3. click to the image button on the top right part of the window and copy the image to clipboardfree screenshot tool
  4. Now just copy and paste your image to PowerPoint

free screenshot tool

NOTE: If you do not edit the picture with shapes, arrows, or text, you can directly copy and paste it into your PowerPoint.

You can always access the tool admin panel from the windows bar menu at the bottom of your screen

free screenshot tool

then access the setting menu and from there you can edit your shortcuts as you prefer.

free screenshot tool

I like to have the two recommended functions on CTRL+3 and CTRL+4 because then I can quickly recall them with my left hand.

free screenshot tool

Do you want to get monosnap for free? Download it here:

What do you think about this great tool?

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