How I make slides twice as fast as other marketers

As you get experience with making presentations, you will find yourself often performing recurrent actions: align objects in the middle, align object on the top, distribute horizontally, distribute vertically, send back, bring forward, rotate objects, group or ungroup, etc. Most of these actions can be performed through command buttons spread out all over the tab menu of PowerPoint. For example, if you want to distribute two shapes horizontally ,you need to go to Format>Align>Distribute horizontally (see figure below).




You might be used to going and find the buttons of the functions you use more often; however, I do not think this is very effective. It might happen that you do not remember where a button is, so you waste time hanging around in the menus every time you need it. This is actually what used to happen to me, I do not know where buttons are placed by memory, so I navigate by visual memory and I always get there eventually,  though I waste a lot of time.

With PowerPoint, there is the opportunity to select the most relevant functions to you and bring them to your fingertips, thanks to the “Quick Access Toolbar.”



All you need to do is to

  1. Identify the functions that you use more often and jot them down on a piece of paper.
    You can surely copy mine if you like, but it I would suggest you use the ones that best fit your style and the way you work.
  2. Go to the “more command menu” (see picture below) and make your wise selection of tools.
  3. Build your custom quick access toolbar and test it
  1. Once you’ve choosen your tools, you need to reorder them in a way that is intuitive to you. I noticed that when I go to look for one of my most used tools, I feel exactly where I would like it to be in the toolbar (before or after some other). This is strongly personal, but it can deeply impact  your slide crafting speed. So, choose carefully and order the tools in the most effective way, based on your preferences.

    What is your perfect quick access toolbar? Tell me in the comment section below.



  • mani
    3 years ago

    even though i have registered with your website, i am unable to download the “Swap shapes in PowerPoint “..pls let me know the steps to follow

    • Maurizio La Cava
      Maurizio La Cava
      3 years ago

      I contacted you in PVT at your email. Thanks for sharing.

  • Miguel
    3 years ago

    A quick way to add commands to the “Quick Access Toolbar” is to right clik over The command button and choose “Add to Quick Access Toolbar” .

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