How many times have you been looking for a list of high quality icons featuring European flags? Well, it has happened to me many times and every time I have had to get on Google and collect them. It’s hard to even know what the best research to perform is: European flag list, European flags list, European country flags, European national flags, list of european flags… But it is clear that you are looking for a slide with the flags well orgnized and perfectly resized ready to be used in your presentation!

So I decided to put them all together in this post, which will serve as a reference for us.

I have also made a slide for you, with all the flags re-sized.



Download the European flag list ready to use Powerpoint slide for free in exchange for a tweet.


Below is the full list of icons.

Vatican City State England Uckraine Turkey Switzerland Sweden Spain Slovakia Serbia San Marino Slovenia Romania Portugal Poland Norway Netherlands Montenegro Monaco Moldova Malta Macedonia Luxembourg Lithuania Lichtestain Latvia Italy Ireland Iceland Hungary Greenland Greece Gibraltar Germany France Finland Faroe Islands Europen Union Estonia Denmark Czech Republic Cyprus Croatia Bulgaria Bosnia & Hergovina Belgium Belarus Austria Andorra Albania


In case you need to resize the flags, I recommend using MLC ppt adding to automatically re-size all of them in one go!



I also recommend that you save this page in your Favorite 5 pages, so as to always have your European flag list at your fingertips.

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