Lean Presentation Design: create presentations that everybody loves.

Lean Presentation Design is the result of an obsessive quest, spanning years of professional experience with Fortune 500 clients, top multinational market leaders (Google, Youtube, Johnson & Johnson, Adidas, Piaggio, Ferrero, Accenture, Unicredit) and talented digital startups worldwide, to hack Presentation and Communication techniques. 

The book contains the collective wisdom of industry experts (Rand_Fishkin, Mark_Graban, Ernest W. Adams, etc.) and thousands of hours of breathtaking personal experiences. The Author is Member of The Microsoft Power Point Expert Group and he’s among the top 5% PowerPoint Elance experts with Elance.com worldwide.

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With this book you will learn how to...


    Change your audience’s mind and become a true leader


    Exploit advanced design techniques without necessarily being a designer


    Hack traditional presentation design processes leveraging jaw-dropping innovative tools


     leverage lean methodologies to make presentations twice as fast as you do today

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This book is exactly the thing I’ve needed to organize my own experience related to presentations. Also, I see the book can reveal me some tricks. I already feel a little bit more smarter after just looking through it

Yaroslav Lozhkin
Yaroslav Lozhkin UX/UI Designer at Groupon Russia

This book merges together communication and design to deliver an innovative easy to use approach for making beautiful presentations. The book shows a well-balanced theoretical and pragmatic approach. I really appreciated the author’s approach to introduce theoretical concepts and to put them into the day to day practice of making slides. For example the book includes an extensive analysis of the theory of colors and how they affect the audience’s perception. It provides tons of useful tricks on how to make texts stand out on background pictures. I also found very interesting the “font structure” section (Module 2 of the book) where the author provides a handful set of 5 different evergreen fonts for every occasion. If you do presentations, I think this is a must to have manual on your desk! PS. I do recommend to buy the paperback (see my photo) because it is much more comfortable to consult.

Manuel Bossi
Manuel Bossi Regional Marketing Director at Ferrero

I suggest this book to whoever needs to make beautiful presentations. It's easy to understand: it gives useful tips and tricks about how to use colors, set a slide, arrange data and graphics and suggests free tools to find good photos and images. This book will point you in the right direction to create amazing presentations!

Alessandra De Iulii
Alessandra De Iulii SEO Copywriter at The Italian Community London

I have always thought that doing presentations required an effective process and that only designers knew how that worked. This book is very pragmatic and gave me a quick and dirty process to follow step by step to make my presentation in a nice and easy way. I recommend this book if you need to speed up in making your presentations, if you are willing to improve the look and feel of your slides and you are not a designer nor a marketer.

Domenico Iero
Domenico Iero Software Engineer at Waynaut

I've been working with Maurizio on several projects. His experience in crafting and handling stunning presentations always made incredibly easy to present our ideas to investors and business partners. I consider his work and support one of our most precious asset, which always made the difference versus our competitors. This book digests Maurizio's pluriannual expertise in 171 easy-to-read pages, and represent to everyone an incredible opportunity to efficiently cover all aspects of presenting ideas in an effective way. This message is to all my competitors: PLEASE, don't read this book!!!! 😉

Davide Ghezzi
Davide Ghezzi Founder at eKoodo.com

I have just completed reading Lean Presentation Design (written by Maurizio La Cava) and found that it is the "Must Read" for all presentation designers. Also good for those who work in marketing or communication fields.

I get many new knowledges and benefits from this book, please let me summarize for your review as following:

M1 - Presentation Design, Communication & Arts
This chapter I have learn about the real meaning of Design, Arts and Communication. Maurizio also talk about the Lean Approach which it's not only advantage to apply to your design process, but for me it's also advantage to apply with my other working process, i.e. customer service.

To tell you honestly, I was always thinking that my work is to create the beautiful and amazing slide presentations for my clients, but Maurizio let me know that I was wrong. Presentation designers should provide their clients more than beautiful slides, but should be slides with effective communication.

M2 - Design Thinking, Think Like A Designer
Here is very interesting to learn about the basic theory of colors, fonts and tips how to use them effectively on the presentation. You can find the theories of colors and fonts from many sources, but I believe it's hardly to find where that tell you directly how to apply these theories to the presentaiton design techniques.

M3 - Presentation Design Process
It's good to learn how to organize our process to create the effective presentation. I'm not a good story teller, so I love that Maurizio has included a tips to create an interesting and attention catching story. Of course, to expand the lean approach knowledge, Maurizio teach us here how to apply the lean approach to our presentation design process in order to get the most effective presentation.

M4 - Presentation Design Techniques
Here you can find many practical teachniques to design the perfect presentation. They are mostly about how to get into the audiences mind which is the good perspective to create the presentations that the audiences like.

M5 - Hacking Presentation Design
I cannot stop reading this chapter as it includes many new techniques and tools which I have never known. This is a treasure box for all presentation designers. I get new tools which I can work smartly with screenshot, create a highlighted world map and create many types of diagram in a minute. Another gold tip which can make value-added to your presentation is the cinema effect. I'm so exited to try this effect with my future presentation!

M6 - Presentation Design At Events
Personally I have never had chance to join any kinds of events in the presentation designer role. However, it's really advantage to learn about the working process and the players involved in the events. I get more understanding about my clients' work so that I can serve them with the best appropriate and effective presentations.

In summary, if you are a presentation designers, you should not miss reading this book!

Natalie Jatauron
Natalie Jatauron Freelancer Presentation Designer


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