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Manuel Bossi

This book merges together communication and design to deliver an innovative easy to use approach for making beautiful presentations. The book shows a well-balanced theoretical and pragmatic approach. I really appreciated the author’s approach to introduce theoretical concepts and to put them into the day to day practice of making slides. For example the book includes an extensive analysis of the theory of colors and how they affect the audience’s perception. It provides tons of useful tricks on how to make texts stand out on background pictures. I also found very interesting the “font structure” section (Module 2 of the book) where the author provides a handful set of 5 different evergreen fonts for every occasion. If you do presentations, I think this is a must to have manual on your desk! PS. I do recommend to buy the paperback (see my photo) because it is much more comfortable to consult.

Manuel Bossi, Area Marketing Director Ferrero
Alessandra De Iulii

I have always thought that doing presentations required an effective process and that only designers knew how that worked. This book is very pragmatic and gave me a quick and dirty process to follow step by step to make my presentation in a nice and easy way. I recommend this book if you need to speed up in making your presentations, if you are willing to improve the look and feel of your slides and you are not a designer nor a marketer.

Alessandra De Iulii, SEO Copywriter at The Italian Community London
Yaroslav Lozhkin

This book is exactly the thing I’ve needed to organize my own experience related to presentations. Also, I see the book can reveal me some tricks. I already feel a little bit more smarter after just looking through it

Yaroslav Lozhkin, UX/UI Designer Groupon Russia
Get 25% off Lean Presentation Design book100% Risk Free, 30 day money back guarantee.