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Introducing MLC PowerPoint Addin: a Super Smart set of exclusive functionalities developed by presentation maker professionals to skyrocket your productivity

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What is MLC PowerPoint add-in?

It is a proven tool to:

Speed up your recurrent tasks in PowerPoint

Craft beautiful designs

Achieve incredible accuracy levels

Bring harmony between objects on your slides

Get faster team results

Join a vibrant exclusive community

What will you get with MLC powerful functionalities

  • Swap shapes

    Swap shape positions in one click. No more wasted time recovering alignments

  • Same Size

    Make all shapes the size of the first one selected. Resizing made easy!

  • Grid shapes

    Distribute shapes in a grid. It takes care of alignments and distributions for you!

  • Rectify lines

    Quickly rectify your line shapes. No more crooked lines!

  • Merge/Split text with shapes

    Merge or Split text box with shapes.

  • Copy to all slides

    Replicate selected item to all slides. Stop copy-pasting slide by slide!

  • Advanced Distribution

    Control the distribution space between shapes in PowerPoint
  • Stack shapes

    Stack shapes one to the others removing the spaces between

  • Same height/width

    Make all items the same height/width in one click. Stop resizing manually!

  • Save active slides

    Export only selected slides into a new PowerPoint file

  • Make same color

    Make all shapes the color of the first selected shape without spending time checking for the right RGB

  • Split tables

    Split tables into shapes and make beautiful table slides

  • Gantt Chart

    Generate and maintain Gantt charts in a few simple guided steps

  • Rule of Thirds

    Solve complex layouts in a very short time, creating slides that communicate effectively

  • MLC Assets

    Ready to use, high quality assets for your presentations (images, icons, etc.)

  • Youtube Video

    Insert a video from Youtube with just a URL

  • Crop to Slide

    Cut the parts of the picture that are outside the slide

  • Fit to Slide

    Adapt the dimensions of the picture to the slide

  • Colors Manager

    Check the colors used in the presentation and change them all at once

  • Erase all elements

    Delete all the elements (tables, shapes, text) in the slide just in one click

    Get high resolution, free from copyrights images in PowerPoint

    Access millions of imagess:

    ∙ For free
    ∙ In high resolution
    ∙ Free from copyrights
    Within PowerPoint

    Create and update Gantt charts in PowerPoint at the ease of a click

    • Quickly generate new Gantt charts
    • Add Tasks and Milestones
    • Easily update the chart at every time

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    What users say about the MLC Add-in?

    D. Ghezzi

    This great addin boosts my productivity on a daily base. I find the "swap shapes" function just amazing. I use "make all the same size" function very often so I can resize many shapes at once applying the size of a specific shape selected.  If you take in account the time it will save you, I find this addin an absolute bargain.

    D. Ghezzi, Supply Chain Manager, Reckitt Benckiser
    N. Jatauron

    MLC powerpoint addin is the real tool for presentation designer. I love it as it includes all my often-used powerpoint functions and this let me work much faster. If you want to be real powerpoint wizard, you cannot miss MLC powerpoint addin!

    N. Jatauron, Presentation Designer, Coca Cola Company
    J. Suarez

    If you are a consultant you'll produce many slides. If you produce many slides you'll definitely need to be as much productive as possible. MLC PowerPoint addin is a powerful tool that improves my productivity. If you think how much time it will save you I think it's a great bargain!

    J. Suarez, Management Consultant, Deloitte

    Our users work for

    Get the MLC PowerPoint Add-in now


    Does the Add-in work for MAC?

    No, it doesn't it is for Windows only

    Is it compatible with older Office versions?

    All Office versions are supported incl. Office 2019 & all Office 365 versions

    I made the purchase but it doesn't meet my needs, what do I do? 

    Ask for the 30 days money back guarantee and you'll get refunded

    Do I need to pay monthly? 

    No, you only pay once a year

    Can I unsusbcribe from the annual subscription?

    Yes, you can unsubscribe at any time. There is no constraint just drop us an email whenever you like

    I didn't receive the license or the download link, what do I do?

    First check your spam folder, if you haven't received any email from me just drop me an email

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